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A cornerstone principle in the Grafton Youth Lacrosse Association is the principle abbreviated as "RTG". RTG stands for - Respect The Game. This very short phrase carries with it a great deal of meaning and guides the GYLA program in everything we do. You will hear this term called out as the boys and girls break their huddles with sticks proudly in the air. The concept of RTG is simple...but NOT easy. We strive to always live the ideals that are captured in this short phrase. This isn't always easy in every situation. We look to each other to help remind us when we find ourselves having a tough time living this principle. Coaches and parents are in need of reminders of RTG at least as much as our children.

In short, RTG calls us ALL to show respect in all aspects of our competitive lives. We should respect; ourselves, our teammates, our coaches, our opponents, the refs, our parents.

We encourage everyone to use the term RTG often to reinforce the ideals and values encapsulated in this very short phrase.